[Show] MELK, Identity Crisis, Robot Love #HIF2024

[Show] MELK, Identity Crisis, Robot Love #HIF2024

Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 2:15 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

Improv comedy featuring MELK (Baltimore, MD), Identity Crisis (Hartford, CT), and Robot Love (Hartford, CT)

The 2024 Hartford Improv Festival is proud to present this improv comedy show featuring these great teams!

MELK (Baltimore, MD)

MELK is a Baltimore-based longform improv comedy team. Come for the protein, stay for the laughs. MELK is Annie Bobbitt, Bobby Gross, Heather Mari, Rebecca McGivney, Jimmy Pope, and Janty Shoga.


Identity Crisis (Hartford, CT)

Identity Crisis is the only improv team that will remind you to call your Grandma. XOXO

Robot Love (Hartford, CT)

Robot Love is a group of scientists who believe science can solve any problem. We simulate and deconstruct the relationships, viewpoints, and themes between 2 unique characters. Each simulation brings our lovely, data driven AI program closer to feeling love! Formed in May 2016, Robot Love performs monthly at Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford, CT. Members include Ed Richters, Kevin Sullivan, and David Zboray, with guest appearance by OG member Nate Szymanski.


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