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Finally, finally, finally — it's time to open! But we need your help to make this happen.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 for a safe, swift, stable reopening. We're hoping you can help us raise the remaining $20,000 via GoFundMe.

Our Response to COVID-19 & the Coronavirus

Sea Tea Comedy Theater is closed for the time being, until further notice. Sea Tea Improv Studios are beginning to reopen, starting June 24th, 2021. Read the full update.

Corporate Training

Companies of all sizes are looking for employees who can adapt to the rapid changes and challenges of today’s work environment. Employers have named creativity and innovation as the top qualities they look for in their staff—and what better way to challenge and stretch yourself than by practicing the art and skills of improvisational comedy?

Improv applies to big-picture business strategies as well as to on-the-ground skills like improving relationships with customers, handling conflict, closing deals, networking, listening better, and approaching work with a positive attitude.

Have a look at our workshop packages for workplaces and contact us to bring one to your organization, or to talk about customized courses & workshop offerings for your company.

Our improv training has been featured in the Hartford Business Journal: Hartford improv group brings out truth in business

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