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Sea Tea Improv Inclusion & Representation Scholarship

Promoting Diverse Voices, Equal Access, and Justice in Comedy

Sea Tea Improv seeks to improve inclusion & representation in the Hartford comedy community on the basis of social class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, and age.

This scholarship is therefore intended to create social and financial support for lower-income community members, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, women, persons with disabilities, and seniors.

If you are not sure if your identity or experiences qualify you for scholarship consideration, please email diversitycommittee@seateaimprov.com with any questions.

Would you like to sponsor additional scholarships? Please email comedy@seateaimprov.com to learn more about helping us creating more space for students.

Purpose, Goals, and Audience of this Scholarship

Sea Tea Improv recognizes that artistic representation shapes our aspirations and opportunities and powerfully determines the extent to which we are recognized and included in civic life. Inclusion and representation in comedy production and performance are therefore fundamental issues of justice and equality.

The Sea Tea Improv Inclusion & Representation Scholarship seeks to promote equal access to comedy arts by making our classes, workshops, and performance opportunities accessible and affordable to members of marginalized groups.

Through active recruitment, financial aid, and community support, the Sea Tea Improv Inclusion & Representation Scholarship seeks to make the Hartford comedy community open, affordable, and actively invested in challenging the enduring inequalities faced by the members of all marginalized groups.

This scholarship is part of Sea Tea Improv’s larger commitment to actively and consistently improve inclusion and representation in the Hartford comedy community on the basis of social class, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, and age.

The Sea Tea Improv Inclusion & Representation Scholarship is open to members of marginalized groups who demonstrate interest and passion in comedy production and performance.

Application and Award Timeline

Applications are open and are offered on a rolling basis.

Scholarship Award Amount

Scholarship consists of $500 in Sea Tea Improv education credit. This amount is enough to take several Sea Tea Improv courses and/or workshops. The credit awarded by this scholarship expires one year after being awarded. Sea Tea Improv education credit awarded via this scholarship has no cash value. Scholarship awards are not transferable.

Number of Scholarship Awards

Sea Tea Improv will award scholarships to up to 10 individuals a year. This represents a commitment of up to $5000 in potential scholarship award.

Registering for Classes & Workshops as a Scholarship Student

Scholarship students will be given promotional codes that can be used to register for our courses via our Eventbrite registration system.  Scholarship students can also contact comedy@seateaimprov.com with the course or workshop they wish to take and registration can be done for them.

Scholarship students are subject to all course prerequisites, including courses that require instructor approval.

Status as Sea Tea Improv Students

Awardees are Sea Tea Improv students for the duration of the scholarship period, regardless of current class enrollment, and as such are entitled to free attendance to Sea Tea Improv shows that are free to students.

This is an additional benefit for scholarship students — other students are only eligible for this student status while currently enrolled in a course.

Contact and Guidance

Scholarship students will get monthly updates and a newsletter with upcoming classes, workshops, and ways to get involved with the comedy scene surrounding Sea Tea Improv in Hartford.

Scholarship students are encouraged to contact Sea Tea Improv for individual guidance. Scholarship students may also request a mentor from our company for the duration of the scholarship.

Application Form

Fill out this form to apply for this scholarship: https://forms.gle/NiSzwYo26n8UkinS8


For answers to any questions about this scholarship, please email diversitycommittee@seateaimprov.com, or text us or leave a voicemail at (860) 578-4832. We can’t wait to meet you!

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