2024 Auditions for Sea Tea Comedy Theater Teams & Shows!

May 18, 2024 - May 22, 2024 | Info and Details

Workshop Packages for Workplaces

Sea Tea Improv’s workshops are customized to you and your organization. If you’d like some help getting started, here are some past workshops and trainings for you to choose from– or give us a call, tell us about your goals, and we’ll design a workshop for you.

Improv for Public Speaking

More people fear public speaking than death. Not us — we’ve got techniques and tools for building confidence, projecting expertise, and using collaboration to ease anxiety. This workshop will take participants through exercises and games that will leave them both more comfortable and confident in the future.

Sample client: Toastmasters

Improv for Management

Take your management team to the next level with deep listening, adaptability, and conflict resolution skills.

Sample clients: Comcast, UConn MBA Business Program

Improv for Customer Service

Let’s face it: customers can be deeply unpredictable. Our improv games and exercises give your staff a toolkit to adapt to the best and worst clients you face every single day, with humor, perspective, and deep listening.

Sample client: Comcast

Improv for Team Communication

You’ve been working together so long, perhaps you’re facing entrenched modes of communication– constant frustrations and miscommunications abound. Let us bring your staff some new tools for listening and collaborating.

Sample client: Hartford Public Library

Improv for Adaptability

If your company or your clients are facing a big change, your staff needs to be able to flexibly pivot at a moment’s notice. We use our improv games to teach your staff to embrace, not fear, change– on an individual or organizational level.

Sample clients: Hebrew Health Care, Travelers Insurance

Improv Just For Fun! Team Building and Interdepartmental Bonding

We’ll play “Whose Line Is It Anyway” style games with your staff, whether they need a break, a jolt of fun, or a reward for a job well done. Tons of fun!

Sample clients: Dymotek, Ahearn Equipment

Hire Role-Players

Need actors for your staff to practice their HR and management skills on? Sea Tea Improv has four years’ experience in role-play for just this purpose. Our actors are well trained in responding to practice performance reviews, conflict mediation, dismissal, and any other situation that might come up in your workplace. At your request, we can send actors with corporate work experience.

Sample client: Inspira Solutions

Improv for New Teams

There’s a brand-new team at your company and you need a fun, interactive way to build communication and rapport. Try improv– everyone participates, and we focus on effective communication, treating others’ ideas with respect, and adapting to each others’ points of view. Plus: there’s no better way to get to know each other.

Sample client: GE Management Team

Teaching Consent Through Improv

Improv is all about deep listening to both words and body language– no great collaboration can happen without the consent of both parties. Through exercises and games, participants will learn to seek consent clearly and frequently. Consent through comedy!


Members of Sea Tea Improv have a large variety of skills and experience. We are corporate leaders, marketers, brand experts, team leaders, customer service experts, substance abuse counselors, adjunct college professors, elementary and middle school teachers, managers, writers, actors, development officers, and much more. For each workshop, we assign instructors based on the experience that best matches your company.

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