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May 18, 2024 - May 22, 2024 | Info and Details

Workshops for Kids, Teens, and College Students

Sea Tea Improv’s workshops are customized to you and your school or group. If you’d like some help getting started, here are some past workshops and trainings for you to choose from– or give us a call, tell us about your goals, and we’ll design a workshop for you.

Improv for Teen Leadership

Teenagers are ready to be leaders! We teach essential skills like deep listening, empathy, collaboration, and confidence to teens who are ready to be even more mature. Bonus: we’ve taught career skills like “how to present yourself on social media,” and “how to network” to teens who are looking to transition into college readiness.

Sample client: Kids in the Middle, a club for teenagers who become leaders in middle school; and Neighborhood Studios, a summer program for teen artists, dancers, and writers

Never Sit Still: Improv for Kids Who Learn By Doing

Every Sea Tea Improv workshop is a 100% participatory experience: students are on their feet and encouraged to be bold and take risks. At the same time, we teach students to harness their energy into great communication and collaboration with each other. Your class clowns will have a ball and learn to make room for their quieter counterparts.

Sample client: we’ve been teaching literacy and science through Hartford Performs in schools across Hartford– and have been featured in The New York Times for that work!

Funny Girls: Improv for Building Girls’ Confidence

Did you know that more than half of Sea Tea Improv’s members are women? We love bringing out the confidence, boldness, and crazy sense of humor in girls of all ages. Who says girls aren’t funny? Not us! We can’t wait to share games and empowering theater techniques to young women everywhere.

Sample client: Girl Scout troops across the state!

Preventing & Addressing Bullying & Trauma Through Improv Comedy

Sea Tea Improv teaches children of all ages the skills to communicate, listen to each other, deflect with humor, develop self-confidence and act from a place of empathy.

Sample client: we will be teaching an eight-week version of this workshop with Ben’s Lighthouse, an organization dedicated to trauma recovery for children in Newtown, Connecticut.

Improv for Self-Confidence

More people fear public speaking than death. Not us– we’ve got techniques and tools for building confidence, projecting expertise, and using collaboration to ease anxiety. This workshop will take participants through exercises and games that will leave them both more comfortable and confident in the future.

Sample client: Toastmasters International

Teaching Consent Through Improv

Improv is all about deep listening to both words and body language– no great collaboration can happen without the consent of both parties. Through exercises and games, participants will learn to seek consent clearly and frequently. Consent through comedy!


Members of Sea Tea Improv have a large variety of skills and experience. We are corporate leaders, marketers, brand experts, team leaders, customer service experts, substance abuse counselors, adjunct college professors, elementary and middle school teachers, managers, writers, actors, development officers, and much more. For each workshop, we assign instructors based on the experience that best matches your company.

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