Improv 456: Narrative for Improvisers

Improv 456: Narrative for Improvisers

Started Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Sea Tea Improv Studios
11 Asylum Street, #402, Hartford, CT

Learn how to use the major tools of fiction writing in order to construct cohesive, engaging, and hilarious narrative improv comedy sets!

How does a team of people craft a story live, on stage, without planning a single word in advance?

In this class, we'll learn how to use the major tools of fiction writing in order to construct cohesive, engaging, and hilarious narrative improv sets. We'll learn how to develop group mind around core narrative conflicts, how to drive stories through strong character motivation, and how story models like three-act structure can help us collaboratively build towards compelling and satisfying resolutions. As we go, we'll also explore the ways narrative and comedic game can work together to create especially memorable and entertaining conflicts, characters, and narrative arcs.

Ultimately, this class is a deep dive into the practice of comedic group storytelling. As such, we'll also never lose sight of the power of deep listening and yes-anding to help us construct richer, more surprising, and more creative stories than any we might create alone.

Class Day and Time: Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Class Dates:

July 19, 2023

July 26, 2023

August 2, 2023

August 9, 2023

August 16, 2023

August 23, 2023

Class Show: Wednesday, August 30th at Sea Tea Comedy Theater

Prerequisites: Completion of Improv 301 or instructor approval. Contact brenna@seateaimprov.com to request approval.

About the Instructor: Brenna Harvey is a writer and comedian from Hartford, CT. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and is currently pursuing an MFA in fiction writing at Southern Connecticut State University. Her short stories have been published in Cossmass Infinities, Night Frights, Cast of Wonders, Land Beyond the World Magazine, and Strange Religion, and she is a two-time judge's pick for Queer Sci Fi's annual flash fiction anthology. She has studied improv and sketch comedy with Sea Tea Improv, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and ImprovBoston. She has served as an associate artistic director at Sea Tea Comedy Theater and helped develop Sea Tea's core sketch writing curriculum. She currently works as a social justice museum educator at Hartford's Harriet Beecher Stowe Center and performs with the Sea Tea house team Less Lonely Boys.

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