2024 Auditions for Sea Tea Comedy Theater Teams & Shows!

May 18, 2024 - May 22, 2024 | Info and Details

Daniel Davidson

Daniel Davidson

Born and raised on the streets of New York City (91st and West End Ave., to be exact), young Daniel liked to laugh, and loved to cry. At 15, Daniel started a sketch comedy show on public access. It lead to neither fame, fortune, nor a busty Asian girlfriend. Nevertheless, the experience was formative; in that the camcorder stunted his growth to a paltry 5’9″.

Daniel graduated at the middle of his class from a mid-tier Ivy League school and quickly put that $100k diploma to work dubbing tapes for a prank show on VH1. After several years working in The Biz, a car phone stand at the mall, he turned his focus to improv. Daniel studied at Bay Area Theater Sports in San Francisco and graduated from The Second City Conservatory in Hollywood, CA (no affiliation with Hollywood, FL). He is thrilled to join the Sea Tea team as his favorite drink has always been Earl Grey with salt.

Daniel recently discovered Twitter (kind of like how Christopher Columbus discovered America, but with less genocide) so please follow him @danielpdavidson! He follows back! Unless you’re heinous.

Suggestion: Goldfish / In the Style of Tennesse Williams from Daniel Davidson on Vimeo.

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