The Cocktail Hour with Mac Diamond

The Cocktail Hour with Mac Diamond

Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 9:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

The Cocktail Hour is back!

Mac Diamond is a lounge-singer-turned-talk-show-host who's lost in time and out of touch. Mac couldn't make it in today's world without his crew: Cap, the bartender, is a master of wit & style with a heavy pour (and Mac's begrudging best friend), and Karen, the producer, who has to keep Mac out of trouble with the network while trying to land herself a real job.

This show has everything: impromptu song interludes, unplanned comedic guests, and shaker full of a whole lot more!

What people are saying:

"You best be paying attention to the comedic ad-lib flying your way" -- The Hartford Chronical

"The chemistry and character of Mac Diamond and friends is an undiluted ride at time warp speed." -- Mac's neighbor Gladys

Be sure to buy your tickets in advance -- this show fills up quicker than Mac's martini glass.


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