[Show] Part-Time Lifeguards, HR Shovin' Stuff, Mercy Santos #HIF2024

[Show] Part-Time Lifeguards, HR Shovin' Stuff, Mercy Santos #HIF2024

Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 6:15 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

Improv comedy featuring Part-Time Lifeguards (Hartford, CT), HR Shovin' Stuff (New York, NY), and Mercy Santos (New York, NY)

The 2024 Hartford Improv Festival is proud to present this improv comedy show featuring these great teams!

Part-Time Lifeguards (Hartford, CT)

Improv comedy based on your job! Come and tell us your work stories in our show "The Exit Interview"!


HR Shovin' Stuff (New York, NY)

Close to Avenue Q, in a different borough than Sesame Street, and south of where the Muppets took Manhattan comes HR Shovin Stuff! Musical Improv at it's best and worst with puppets! Magnet vets Justin D. Torres (Premiere, Nightshade), Sarah Brenner (Gem), Catherine Wing (Bees!), Ilan Kaplan (Secret, Secret), Riley Stanione (Lil Spoon) put their puppeteering skills to work to do a full length musical improv show. With the help of the amazing Frank Spitznagel, they'll show you the weirdest show to come out of the pandemic.


Mercy Santos - God's Favorite Improv Team (New York, NY)

Mercy Santos (God's Favorite Improv Team) takes a suggestion from you (our new God) and worships you with an entirely-improvised show.


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