Introduction to Personal Storytelling with Terry Wolfisch Cole

Introduction to Personal Storytelling with Terry Wolfisch Cole

Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Sea Tea Improv Studios
75 Pratt Street, 5th Floor, Hartford, CT

Introduction to Personal Storytelling

Ira Glass of This American Life says, “Great stories happen to people who know how to tell them.” Do you want to get better at captivating listeners?

Whether you want to tell your story on stage, in a business meeting, or with your grandchildren on your lap, storyteller Terry Wolfisch Cole will teach you skills to engage any audience. At this workshop, you’ll learn tips and tricks for effective storytelling. You’ll have opportunities to discover your stories (yes, interesting things have happened to you!), to select one to craft one for performance, and to practice telling it in front of the group. Please bring paper and pen to class.

Terry is a Moth StorySLAM and GrandSLAM champion. Her story of running away from home was featured on the Moth Radio Hour on NPR and in Readers Digest. She is the founder of Tell Me Another: Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Stories, a storytelling show in the Hartford area.

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