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#HIF2019 Workshop: Be Awesome! with Lauren Morris

#HIF2019 Workshop: Be Awesome! with Lauren Morris

Saturday, April 6 at 11:00 AM

Sea Tea Improv Studios
75 Pratt Street
Hartford, CT

Be Awesome!

Instructor: Lauren Morris

Do you find there is too much negativity in your scenes? In your characters? Perhaps you think conflict between characters is the only way to bring interesting to the stage. Join Founder and Artistic Director, Lauren Morris, on an improv journey into being awesome and positive on stage! Through a variety of exercises, feedback, and scenes you will create characters that make you and your scene partners look awesome and be positive all while keeping your performance interesting and engaging!

About the Instructor: Lauren Morris is the founder and Director of AdLib Theatre Company and the Central Florida Improv Festival. Lauren studied improv at The Annoyance Theatre & Bar with Mick Napier and iO West with Paul Vaillancourt (co-Founder of iO West). She has taken workshops and classes with such improv notables as Kevin Mullaney, Jill Bernard, Rebecca and Rich Sohn, Adal Rifai, Susan Messing, and Mark Sutton. She has also studied with UCB an The Magnet Theater. Lauren hosts The Improv Teachers (winner of Best of Improv Podcasts, 2017, PlayerFM) an The Improv Teachers: Quick Takes on YouTube. The podcast is dedicated to discussing teaching improv. Guests include Jill Bernard, Will Hines, Jimmy Carrane, Adal Rifai, and Susan Messing. Additionally, she is a veteran of numerous improv and theater festivals where she has been invited to perform and teach. Most recent festivals include San Diego Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, and Red Rocks. As a writer, Lauren contributes to Razed, Weekly Humorist, Robot Butt, Slackjaw, Belladonna, and Points in Case. She keeps her portfolio at and honed her satire skills via Second City.

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