Hartford Improv Festival Submission #HIF2019

Hartford Improv Festival Submission #HIF2019

Starts Thursday, April 4 at 6:00 PM

Hartford Improv Festival
Hartford, CT


Apply to perform in the 6th annual Hartford Improv Festival in Hartford, CT on April 4-7, 2019!

The checkout process for this Eventbrite registration will present you with our submission form which asks for information about your team (cast, location, style), your availability for the festival dates, and a publicly-accessible link to an unedited 5-20 minute video of your team performing. (You can click "Register" then "Checkout" to see the form before having to pay the submission fee.)

The submission fee for #HIF2019 is $15.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018: Last day to submit to perform

January 2019: Submissions reviewed, selection decisions will be sent out

February 2019: #HIF2019 schedule will be announced

Learn more about the Hartford Improv Festival at https://www.hartfordimprov.com/festival/

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