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DISCONNECTICUT: Rocky Hill vs. Waterbury - An Improv Comedy Competition

DISCONNECTICUT: Rocky Hill vs. Waterbury - An Improv Comedy Competition

Saturday, November 27 at 7:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

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The State of Connecticut has 169 towns & cities that all think they're special. Watch 'em duke it out with head-to-head improv comedy games!

DISCONNECTICUT is the show where teams representing two of Connecticut's 169 fiefdoms battle it out in a series of shortform improv comedy games, trivia, and more!

This time on DISCONNECTICUT it's...

Rocky Hill vs. Waterbury

Each team will be captained by players with intimate knowledge of the town they're representing -- they live there, they work there, they grew up there -- and they'll have to pick their teams from free agent players who're... less connected.

These ragtag groups of improv comedy performers will pick their names (the Bold Saybrooks? the Canaan Ables? the Hard-Hittin' New Britain Kittens? the Dirty Groton Scoundrels?) and then they'll fight like hell to be better than the other team -- faster, funnier, fiefdummier!

Your suggestions shape the games; your applause picks the winners!


By order of the City of Hartford, masks are required for all attendees, regardless of vaccination status, unless currently consuming food or beverage.

Our staff and performers are fully vaccinated. When our performers are on stage, they may take off their masks, as permitted by the City of Hartford for persons who are fully vaccinated and performing in theater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about shows at Sea Tea Comedy Theater: https://seateaimprov.com/faq/

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