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[Workshop] Get your Sea (Tea) Legs Back with Greg Ludovici

[Workshop] Get your Sea (Tea) Legs Back with Greg Ludovici

Wednesday, July 7 at 7:00PM

Sea Tea Improv Studios
11 Asylum St, Suite 402, Hartford, CT

Are you an experienced improviser who had to cut back on performing due to the pandemic? Transition back into the world of in-person improv!

Get your Sea (Tea) Legs Back

Are you an experienced improviser who had to cut back on performing due to the pandemic? Whether you're feeling rusty, or you're just a little unsure of how sharp all that Zoom improv has kept you, this workshop will help you transition back into the world of in-person improv!

Greg will take you through a supportive yet challenging advanced improviser's gauntlet of exercises, openers, and scene workouts that will stretch your brain, de-fog your memory, and get you feeling grounded for the first time you set foot back on the Sea Tea stage.

Prerequisite: Completion of Improv 301 or Improv 302, or performers on Sea Tea Comedy Theater house teams in March 2020.

Taught by Sea Tea Improv Artistic Director Greg Ludovici.

About the Instructor: Greg Ludovici is a professional actor and a founding member of Sea Tea Improv. Greg studied acting, vocal performance, and stage directing at HARTT School and Skidmore College, and furthered his acting and dance education in London at The Poor School and Pineapple Studios. His interest in improv as an art form began in 2008 at Hartford Stage Company, and in 2011 Greg graduated from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater’s improv training program in New York City. Additionally, Greg has studied improvised musical theater at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Magnet Theater, and The PIT. In Connecticut, Greg has performed professionally with organizations including Hartford Stage Company, Sea Tea Improv, Bated Breath Theatre Company, and Hartford Children’s Theatre.

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