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Sea Tea Comedy Theater & Sea Tea Improv Studios are closed for the time being, until further notice. The 2020 Hartford Improv Festival is cancelled. Read the full update.

Stephanie Moreland

Stephanie “Sproffee” Moreland

Stephanie "Sproffee" Moreland has been a proud East Hartfordian since she was four years old. She graduated from Drew University with a degree in Asian Studies and a love for Improv. She also left with the alter-ego "Sproffee" after an undisclosed incident involving copious amounts of Sprite and coffee. Afterward she swam off to Shanghai to teach English at an international high school and perform with a number of improv groups. After re-patriotizing, Stephanie got a mysterious day job involving self-lubricated bearings, while Sproffee infiltrated the ranks of Sea Tea. She is a serial hobbyist and enjoys such varied activities as knitting, playing guitar, bike riding, cooking, making jewelry, yoga and solving problems with sword fighting.

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