Event Graphics

We recommend you take a look and see how event images are displayed on our website, Eventbrite and Facebook:

Note that event images for a digital setting are NOT posters or flyers — all event info does not and should not be on this image/graphic. The graphic always appears alongside information about the event like the title, location, date, time, price, etc. These details are good on a flyer or poster, but unnecessary for our digital event promotion. Details in an event image/graphic are also hard to edit when a detail changes, give more chances for typos, require more back-and-forth in the approval process, and prevent you from using the image/graphic again in the future.

The image/graphic should be a fun, unique banner that captures the flavor of a show at a glance. Just a photo can often be the best choice.

Your graphic or image should have a 2:1 ratio (a horizontal or landscape image twice as wide as it is tall), and ideally be at least 2160px x 1080px.

The middle square of that image should be able to stand alone with nothing important cut off, i.e. consider the left 25% and right 25% of the image to be the “bleed” in places where the image may be displayed as a 1:1 square.

Your graphic or image should be less than 10MB in size.

If your graphic or image doesn’t meet above criteria, it may be cropped or edited as needed for event image.

  • an attempt will be made to still use a non-compliant graphic or image in original format somewhere else, like the Eventbrite description body

Hartford, CT Improv Comedy