CT Comedy Cage Match: KnucklePuck vs. DrewDraw vs. Less Lonely Boys

CT Comedy Cage Match: KnucklePuck vs. DrewDraw vs. Less Lonely Boys

Friday, June 14 at 9:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT

Improv teams compete for your votes in a no-holds-barred improv show. The audience chooses the winner that will return the following month!

Be a part of the CT Comedy Cage Match! In this competition, it's all about the fun.

ROUND 1: The Dinos (winner) vs. Part-Time Lifeguards vs. Average Age 50

ROUND 2: Earth 2 vs. The Dinos (winner) vs. Blind Date

ROUND 3: The Dinos vs. Campfire Dragons (winner) vs. Fast Food Apocalypse

ROUND 4: STOAT vs. Campfire Dragons (winner) vs. Cockroaches & Gen-X Will Survive The Apocalypse

ROUND 5: Campfire Dragons vs. Tuprov Shakur vs. The Hall of Presidents (winner)

ROUND 6: The Hall of Presidents vs. The Afterparty (winner) vs. Fairfield of Dreams

ROUND 7: Basement Ghost Jr. vs. The Afterparty vs. Less Lonely Boys (winner)

ROUND 8: Oops! All Cuties vs. Mystery Switch vs. Less Lonely Boys (winner)

ROUND 9: KnucklePuck vs. DrewDraw vs. Less Lonely Boys

It starts with a word. Then a question. Then a tornado. Then a time machine. Then a mime machine. Then an ima sheen. Thems a mighta sheen. Them some mighty sheep. THEM SOME MIGHTY SHEEP. KnucklePuck: Them some mighty sheep.

Attention all audience members that like to draw! DrewDraw wants to bring your childhood doodles to life through improv! Two Drews on one stage just for you!

Less Lonely Boys Less Lonely Boys is Hartford based improv team made up of Drew Bligh, Matt Francis, Casey Grambo, Brenna Harvey, Josh Moberger, and Stephanie Moreland. They are a 3 piece band of siblings, but have decided to leave music to focus on their comedic stylings.

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