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[Workshop] Lost in Space? Ground Your Scenes via Object Work with Daniel Davidson

[Workshop] Lost in Space? Ground Your Scenes via Object Work with Daniel Davidson

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Sea Tea Improv Studios
11 Asylum St, Suite 402, Hartford, CT

Do you find yourself in “talking head” scenes that take place in no particular location? Feel anxious about initiations or that you’re over-thinking your responses?

In this workshop, we’ll explore techniques to help you get out of your head and get into your body & the space around you. These tools will help you overcome some of the most common scenework challenges.

Taking time to define the physical space not only allows the beginning improviser to feel calm at the top of a scene, it also serves as a strong initiation without having to say a word. By touching objects, giving weight to them, and being affected by them, the advanced improviser adds richness to her scenework, drawing herself, and the audience, in deeper.

Appropriate for all levels of improvisers with some scenework experience.

About the Instructor: Daniel Davidson joined Sea Tea Improv in 2013 and began teaching for the company in 2014. His improv background includes completing training programs at BATS Improv in San Francisco and The Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles, as well as numerous workshops at iO West and UCB NY. Daniel regularly teaches all of Sea Tea’s foundation classes, and has developed and taught performance-level classes including Improvised Tennessee Williams. He has lead improv-based workshops for Hartford public schoolers, UConn graduate students, and business people in suits. He created the long running Sea Tea Comedy Theater shows Serial Monogamist and Improvised Dubbed Movie, has performed in improv festivals across the U.S., and heard about improv performed by legends including Del Close, Robin Williams, and Miles Davis. Daniel believes good improv starts with listening and taking the time to pick up an improvised cup. He lives in New Haven with his beautiful off-brand Roomba.

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