Show Lab: Be Part of the Experiment!

Show Lab: Be Part of the Experiment!

Wednesday, September 25 at 8:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street
Hartford, CT


Show Lab is where comedians experiment just for you.

Show Lab presents sketch comedians and improv troupes as they create something that you’ve never seen before.  Watch as comedians take the big step of trying out their ideas for the first time, and experiment just for you. It may be the next big thing, and is most likely too strange for any other stage. 

Got a great idea that you want to try out in the lab? Want to become a participant? Email to get your idea out of your head and onto the stage. All new sketches/improv forms/teams/characters/bits welcome. If it's new for you or new for the world, it's right for this show.

Be part of the experiment.


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