[Workshop] Let Your Body Free, Let Your Voice Free with Rafael Haldenwang, David Wüthrich & Vlado Salji of imKubik

[Workshop] Let Your Body Free, Let Your Voice Free with Rafael Haldenwang, David Wüthrich & Vlado Salji of imKubik

Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Sea Tea Improv Studios
75 Pratt Street, Hartford, CT

Together we explore our bodies, their possibilities and limits. Who is my body? How to make it speak and to make ourselves listen. Emotions move us deep inside, but very little reaches the surface.

We can release more of our inner movement with our bodies and our voice without using actual words. We can be so inspired by our body if we just let it follow its impulses. From movement evolves characters, who then create stories.

In this workshop with Rafael Haldenwang, David Wüthrich, and Vlado Salji of imKubik from Switzerland, we train the ability to perform without using language by using your body and voice very instinctively. Be in connection with yourself, and with your partner to act and react.

About the Instructors: Rafael Haldewang seems to be able to break the anatomical boundaries of the body and knows how to put even delicate movements in the spotlight. Rafi has been doing theater since 2008 and manages to recognize the difference between cabaret and madhouse. David Wüthrich always manages to surprise with his emotional outbursts and can lend even the most evil wretch a sensitive side. Dave jumps tirelessly on the boards of the world since 2008 and regrets none of his (teammates') bruises. Vlado Salji has an energy reactor in their head that can move their facial muscles and thoughts into unimaginable states. How this is possible without lasting damage is part of current research. Sali switched to improv business in 2012 and since then has been independently responsible for the confusion behind the stage.


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