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Hartford Improv Festival 2019 - Saturday Show Pass

Hartford Improv Festival 2019 - Saturday Show Pass

Saturday, April 6 at 1:59 PM

Spotlight Theatres Front Street
39 Front Street
Hartford, CT

This pass is good for all shows on Saturday of the 2019 Hartford Improv Festival: 9 different shows! 26 different improv groups! #HIF2019

Individual show tickets are $10 each so this 1-day pass represents $90 worth of improv -- yours for only $70! This 1-day pass is the very best way to guarantee admission to all shows on Saturday!

KEY: Improv Group (Hometown) - Improv Style or Show Name

Spotlight Theatres
39 Front Street, Hartford, CT

SATURDAY, April 6, 2PM

Slug Teeth (New Britain, CT) - Montage
Average Age 50 (Hartford, CT) - Monoscene
BOOP! (Bethel, CT) - Modified Monoscene
Breakfast Boys (New York, NY) - The Breakfast

SATURDAY, April 6, 3PM

Fairfield of Dreams (Westport, CT) - Organic
Horse Lincoln (Storrs ,CT) - La Ronde
Fruits and Veggies (Hartford, CT) - Musical Improv

SATURDAY, April 6, 4PM

The Buddy System (Hartford, CT) - Living Room Montage
Three Little Witches (New York, NY) - Organic Montage
Bear Skin Rug (Somerville, MA) - Close Quarters

SATURDAY, April 6, 5PM

Elemenopee (Winter Park, FL) - Tea Party Melange
Whiplash (Philadelphia, PA) - Harold
Part Time Lifeguards (Hartford, CT) - The Exit Interview, Improv Based on Your Job Stories

SATURDAY, April 6, 6PM

The Sister Wives (New York, NY) - Close Quarters
Night Ghosts (Hartford, CT / Denver, CO) - The Haunting
Milk Money (Cambridge, MA) - Hip-Hop Montage

SATURDAY, April 6, 7PM

Bodega (Boston, MA) - Living Room Spokane
The Hardy Boys (San Diego, CA) - Musical Improv Mosaic
Sea Tea Improv (Hartford / NYC / Boston / LA) - Summar, Joe, Greg, Vlad, Julia, Dan, Kate

SATURDAY, April 6, 8PM

The Unmentionables (Burlington, VT) - Montage
Robopop! (New York, NY) - Hip-Hop Armando
Ghost Man on Third (New York, NY) - Montage

SATURDAY, April 6, 9PM

North Coast (New York, NY) - Improvised Hip-Hop Musical

SATURDAY, April 6, 10PM

Serious Theater with Real Actors (Wakefield, RI / Schenectady, NY) - Avant-garde Theatre on a Theme
KnucklePuck (Hartford, CT) - Organic Sound & Movement Montage
My Privacy (New York, NY) - High Energy Stream of Consciousness Cinematic Experience


NOTE: This pass is for all shows on Saturday of the 2019 Hartford Improv Festival that take place at Spotlight Theatres Front Street. Workshops, any shows that may be added later, and any other special events during the Hartford Improv Festival are not included in these passes. Such events must be registered for separately.

About the Hartford Improv Festival

HIF is a multi-day comedy festival designed to attract local and national talent to Hartford and showcase the art of improv comedy. Join us in Hartford for improv comedy shows, workshops, jams, meetings and greetings!

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