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Marvel vs. DC presented by Nerd Ensemble

Marvel vs. DC presented by Nerd Ensemble

Friday, March 22 at 7:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street
Hartford, CT

The Nerd Ensemble Presents

Marvel vs. DC: Into the Improverse

From the team that brought you Improvised Star Wars, Doctor Who: It’s Funnier on the Inside, Game of Thrones: Laughter is Coming, and Harry Potter and the Brilliant Suggestion comes the return of Improvised Marvel, this time with DC!

Our team of comic and movie nerds will improvise an entire show in a Marvel and DC shared universe. We’ll start with short-form improv games with your favorite characters, and end with a new Marvel vs. DC inspired story.
You may have seen Superman versus The Hulk, but have you seen Batman versus Daredevil? Would the Dark Knight really do as well in the dark of night? What about The Joker versus Deadpool? Would they make each other laugh?

Your suggestions will determine what happens to our heroes and villains in this one-time-only, never-to be-seen again show.

Bring a friend, bring an enemy, bring a crew, heck bring a league! You are not going to want to miss the next installment of the Nerd Ensemble Presents.


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