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[Workshop] Make Game Easy: Base Reality with Matthew Starr

[Workshop] Make Game Easy: Base Reality with Matthew Starr

Saturday, January 12 at 3:00 PM

Sea Tea Improv Studios
75 Pratt Street
5th Floor
Hartford, CT


Do you get into scenes and find yourself wondering what the game is? Wishing you had a cleaner way of expressing that game? Or struggling to figure out what to do as your next game move?

In this workshop, we will run exercises and shows designed to help give you a new set of tools you can use in any form to make game more manageable and more importantly, more fun!

About the Instructor: Matthew Starr is a comedian based in New York City. A former head writer and performer for Above Average, Matthew has been featured on Go90’s Ļanksgiving (w/Chris Elliott and Amy Sedaris), CollegeHumor, MTV, MTV 2, TruTV, and much more. Matthew is an alumni of the UCB Touring Company and has been a house writer and performer at the UCB Ļeatre in NYC since 2010. Matthew hosts Unteachables at Caveat, a monthly comedy show that challenges Academia’s Best Professors to teach NYC’s Funniest Comedians. Matthew is originally from Lexington, OH and is a graduate of the Ohio State University.


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