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PB & J's at Sea Tea Comedy Theater

PB & J's at Sea Tea Comedy Theater

Sunday, December 9 at 7:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum Street
Hartford, CT

PB & J’s stand for Pat, Brian, and joints (because after you experience this show, you will be feeling high on life).

Comedians Pat Oates (TLC, E!, Sirius/XM, writer for Laugh Staff, host of P.O.I.S podcast, a national treasure) and Brian Beaudoin (ABC, MTV, ESPN, host of the Wicked Funny podcast, a magnificent mango) are 2 of the most popular comedians in New England, both with uniquely hilarious styles that leave audiences laughing and saying WTF for days.

These shows not only feature stand-up comedy from Pat and Brian separately but also concludes with one of the craziest 2-man-improv-meets-singalong-meets-crowdwork-meets-hijinx-galore.

This PB & J’s show is a Christmas special! Pat and Brian bring the holiday spirit with hilarious stories and songs that jingle your balls and fire up your yule log or whatever other awful Christmas innuendo you can come up with. Santa may even come. Who knows what can happen? Don’t miss the PB & J’s Christmas show.


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