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Sea Tea Comedy Theater is closed for the time being, until further notice. Sea Tea Improv Studios are beginning to reopen, starting June 24th, 2021. Read the full update.

Super Sea Tea Three Dee

Super Sea Tea Three Dee

Tuesday, June 22 at 8:00PM


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A new show exploring the unique possibilities of improv in a virtual 3D space; this time our show's in the world of video games!

Join us for a new show that explores the unique possibilities of improvising in a virtual 3-dimensional space.

Act 1 is a collection of short-form improv games each inspired by audience suggestions. We’ll have old favorites we haven't been able to play in a year, as well as never-before-seen games only possible within the Sea Tea Metaverse!

Act 2 will be a 15-to-20 minute long-form improvisation exploring one idea provided by an audience member.


  1. Snag a premium ticket (limited availability!) to join the performers in the Sea Tea Metaverse! All you need is your Chrome or Firefox web browser. You'll get to pick an avatar, explore the theater, and interact with others before the show.
  2. If you'd just like to watch, a standard ticket will get you a live broadcast of the show via Zoom.

We will be accepting audience suggestions from both inside the virtual world and from the Zoom chat.

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