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Metaverse Improv Mixer

Metaverse Improv Mixer

Wednesday, April 21 at 8:00PM


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VIRTUAL JAM (JAM JAM JAM)! Welcome to the Metaverse Improv Mixer! It’s a party where you can try improv...in the METAVERSE!

Welcome to the Metaverse Improv Mixer!

It’s a party where you can try improv...in the METAVERSE!

We’re aiming to get as close to the IRL mixer as possible, which means we'll be mixing in a digital 3D recreation of the Sea Tea Comedy Theater!

All levels welcome!

Your hosts Sabrina Herrera and Josuel Rosario will pair you with a scene partner based on experience level, and as always, there will be JAMS! to inspire your scenes, courtesy of DJ Funksloff (Nate Gagnon).

To attend:

  1. Register through Eventbrite.
  2. If you want to improvise, fill out the sign-up form (coming soon!) no later than one hour before the mixer (do it now so you don’t forget!)
  3. Check your email shortly before the mixer. You’ll get a message from Eventbrite with a link to the Sea Tea Metaverse. Click that link!

Some Metaverse pointers:

  • To ensure a smooth connection, we recommend participating with a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet.
  • To minimize audio feedback and echoes, please wear headphones.
  • If you have a mouse, we recommend that over a touchpad!
  • When you first click the metaverse link, you will get to pick an avatar, and then you’ll be placed in a lobby where we'll offer a quick tutorial on how to control your avatar before we send you on to the mixer.

This sounds high tech! Can my computer handle it?

Almost definitely! It all runs in your web browser, and any computer from the past 5 years should work just fine. You do not need a fancy VR headset, though if you have one, that does also work!

Let’s do this!

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Published: 2021-02-11T04:03:46Z
Updated: 2021-02-11T04:39:43Z
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