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Do More With Less with Daniel Davidson and Casey Grambo

Do More With Less with Daniel Davidson and Casey Grambo

Monday, August 10 at 6:30 PM


In this online class, we'll explore four strategies that help improvisers do more with less--emotion, metaphor, agreement, and curiosity!

Do More with Less!

Casey and Daniel are co-teaching a class! Join us for a 4-week online class where we’ll put our improv heads together to help you make every improv scene interesting.* The class will take four approaches to making the smallest opening moments of an improv scene all you need to build a juicy, complex, and full-bodied scene!** Strategies we’ll use include emotion, metaphor, agreement, and curiosity. Each two-hour class will be split in two; you’ll do exercises on the week’s topic with Casey and then new*** ones with Daniel. This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced improvisers and requires the completion of Improv 201 at Sea Tea Improv Studios. To prove we mean business, if your scenes aren’t more interesting by the end of the month, we’ll eat our hat.****

*No refunds

**May contain sulfites

***More complicated

****Casey and Daniel own one, shared hat

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