Comedy Shows in Hartford

Longform Improv Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Stand-Up & More!!

Sketch Comedy, Stand-Up & Other Special Shows!!

Shortform Improv Comedy (Whose Line is it Anyway, Wild ‘N Out)!

Sea Tea Comedy Theater
15 Asylum St.
Hartford, CT (map)
HartBeat Ensemble’s
Carriage House Theater

360 Farmington Ave.
Hartford, CT (map)
City Steam Brewery’s
Brew Ha-Ha Comedy Club

942 Main St.
Hartford, CT (map)
Every weekend!1 Saturday / month1 Sunday / month
Come see a show in our comedy theater! We’ve got shows every weekend with Hartford’s best comedy performers — improv, sketch, stand-up — see it all here!In this monthly show, we put on special one-time or experimental comedy shows that may not even be improv! We’ve done stand-up comedy, improvised musicals, special shows for kids & families, a sketch comedy show with live music similar to SNL, shows where the improv groups swapped members, full off-Broadway productions, and shows with new one-off improv groups that were no bigger than 3 members each!

These shows are where we do something truly unique — don’t miss a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Our shortform improv show! Similar to “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, we take tons of suggestions from the audience and use them (and a few audience volunteers here and there) in a variety of scenes, songs, and competitive games made up right on the spot!

Come see the show and have dinner, drinks & dessert while you watch — City Steam brews their own beers right on the premises.

This is our first and longest-running show — we’ve performed over 70 of these monthly shows at City Steam since 2009.

Usually around $10$10FREE!
Get your tickets online
or at the door.
Our improv students get in free to some shows.
Get your tickets online or at the door.Call City Steam at
(860) 525-1600
to make your reservation.