Individual Auditions for Teams

Individual Auditions for Sea Tea Comedy Theater 2022

Are you an experienced improviser who is hoping to be placed on an improv team or a recurring show cast at Sea Tea Comedy Theater for the 2022-2023? 

Then fill out and submit this form: 2022 INDIVIDUAL Auditions for Sea Tea Comedy Theater 

You will also have the option of auditioning to join a pool of flex performers who make themselves available for one-off shows and cast substitutions.

A member of our Auditions Team will send you an email with your assigned audition date and  time. We’ll also include details about the audition to help you feel more prepared and excited.

Also, please save the date Sunday, September 18, just in case we want to call you back for a second audition. Shortly after your first audition we’ll let you know if we would like to see you a second time.

During the audition, you will be placed with a small group to audition as a long-form team. Auditions will be evaluated on your clarity, support, top of intelligence, and stage presence. Although you are being evaluated as an individual, your ability to make your team look great and create a great show together is vital.

What to expect at the individual audition

  • 20 minutes before your scheduled audition time, a cast member from Sea Tea will run warm-ups and make sure everyone feels comfortable with the audition form (a long-form montage with a living room opener, using sweep edits between scenes).
  • The entire group will then be brought into the theater.
  • You will perform at least one 20-minute montage in a group of 6 to 8 players.
  • When you are not performing, you’ll be serving as a supportive audience member to the other sub-groups auditioning from your larger audition group.
  • You might be asked for a brief interview at the end of your audition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Auditions

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