2022 Auditions: August 27 – September 14

2022 Auditions for Sea Tea Improv’s House Teams and Touring Company! 8/27 – 9/14

It’s time! Sea Tea Comedy Theater is looking to fortify and expand our diverse cast of committed, talented, experienced, and flexible performers. Auditioners should be willing and eager to continue to learn, grow, and adapt with us as we strive to create high-quality, intelligent comedy for Connecticut and beyond.

To support this goal, Sea Tea is holding three different types of auditions:

New Audition Process for 2022

  • It has been three long, COVID-filled years since our last auditions. We will be starting fresh by asking everyone to audition, even if you have performed at the theater before. We hope to use auditions as a time to recommit, meet new people, freshen up rosters, and generally come together to build the next phase of our beloved theater. Those who were at our opening year auditions remember how much fun they were- we are very, very excited to get everyone back together. 
  • If you are an existing team on the theater, look for more information in your inbox!
  • Rather than selecting your time slot, you will select your availability for multiple times and we will get back to you swiftly with your audition date. This allows us to make sure groups are evenly sized and spaced. Please try to be accurate with your availability.
  • The deadline to submit your auditions availability is August 24th, 2022. You may find out your time slot earlier (we will fill them as we go).
  • We know there will be many questions- please read this whole announcement, and then if you still have questions, email us at auditions@seateaimprov.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Auditions


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