Coming up: Intro to Improv class starting May 3, Summer Camps July 7-11 & July 14-18, and a bunch of improv shows!

Meet Laura!

Julia Pistell chats with Laura Manasewich about American Girl dolls, Moebius, the Baby-Sitters Club and women in comedy.


Meet Summar!

Julia Pistell sits down with Summar Elguindy to talk about unsustainable Canadian farming, Disney movies & musicals, Hartford & Boston living, and the difference between family-friendly entertainment and kid-targeted entertainment.


Meet Kate!

Julia Pistell meets with Kate Sidley for an interview about bad names for comedy clubs, Romanian “Fame” students, Sea Tea Improv’s interesting mix, Harpo Marx’s completely awesome life, and getting comfortable being upside-down.


Meet Sproffee!

Julia Pistell interviews Stephanie “Sproffee” Rice about nicknames, improv group dynamics, historically inaccurate faires, and getting crafty.


Meet Joe!

Julia Pistell interviews Joe Leonardo about Siamese twins, punchline-free standup, and the comedy that comes from stripping down the facade and getting real.


Welcome to the Sea Tea Improv Podcast!

Julia Pistell reboots the Sea Tea Improv podcast with a short intro episode about Sea Tea Improv and what we’ll be doing with this podcast!


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